Welcome to the D.E.K.T. Family Reunion website.

The 41st annual family reunion was held in Charleston, South Carolina. We hope everyone had a great weekend of reuniting with family. Next years reunion will be held in West Palm Beach, Florida on August 11 – 13, 2017.

As we countdown the months to the next family reunion, we hope that it will be a fun-filled, loving and joyous celebration, we all will remember for years to come.

In addition to our reunion activities, there are many attractions in the surrounding West Palm Beach area you and your loved ones can enjoy to make your visit even more special.

Each year that we get together we are contributing to a legacy that will live forever.  Our parents and grandparents believed in the importance of the family and so should we.  We all represent the legacy in which all the branches of the D.E.K.T. extend from.

The ability to pay for your family reunion dues and t-shirts online is now available. Click on the appropriate link above.

Thank you for visiting and see all of you soon in the Sunshine State.

Ensuring Our Future By Emma Jean Downing

One of the reasons for holding a family reunion is so that we can pay tribute to those who came before us. It is important that we do not forget the lessons of the past. The suffering and the successes of our ancestors have given us the knowledge and the strength we must have to survive the future.

While Family reunions are a time to remember the past, they also allow us to look forward to the future. By involving the younger generation in planning reunions, we pass on the pride of our heritage.

In between the hugs and the kisses, the laughter, and the games, the food, and the photographs, we must make certain that our young people understand the importance of why we are gathering.